Rule Engine -

What is Rule Engine?

The Rule Engine provides an intuitive visual rule editor to build automation flows in seconds. Gone are the days of needing to be a programmer to automate your home. The Rule Engine provides a visual flow based interface which is easy to get started with, yet powerful enough to achieve complex automations.

Rule Engine Components

Rules can be triggered by events within your smart home or based on time schedules. For example, a rule might be triggered on motion being detected or the house changing to 'Armed' mode. Multiple triggers can be added to a rule allowing flexible reuse of your rules.

Rule Engine provides If-Then-Else condition checks making it easy to build powerful rules based on time or conditions in your smart home. IF-THEN-ELSE conditions can be adjusted to match any or all of the conditions and can be chained together or nested for powerful automation.

Multiple actions can be added in a rule flow to control your smart home, send notifications, or communicate between platforms. For example, you can control your smart devices, change your hub mode, execute routines, play music, send SMS or push notifications, play Text-To-Speech messages, and much more.